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Apple iOS 14.3: Fitness+, ProRAW Photos & Search Engines

Reviewed by Oguz

Last updated at Dec 14, 2020

Apple recently released iOS 14 to users, and quickly working on smaller versions to fix new bugs that appeared in this version

On December 14th, Apple released the latest update to iOS with iOS 14.3 version release. Update is available to download in settings app, If It hasn't installed automatically already.

Apple iOS 14.3

What is New in iOS 14.3?

iOS 14.3 is a minor version upgrade, however there are still new feature and many bug fixes and improvements included in this new version.

Below, we will go over every new feature and major bug fix that will be released in this version of the iOS.

Apple Fitness+

One of the most visible changes in this version update is perhaps the Apple's new fitness app.

Apple Fitness app includes studio style workouts that users can participate and It works in sync with Apple Watch (Series 3 or later).

New video workouts are added every week in ten different categories and subscription is available 6 countries currently.

What is The New ProRAW Image Format?

With this years new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro releases, Apple announced that they will introduce a new image format.

iPhones highly process and optimize the images taken using their cameras, however with this new image format, even after taking the photo, professional editors will be able to further optimize the configuration.

This image format enables for professional photographers and content creators, to use apple optimization and combine with their own preference using photo editing software on their computer.

Apple AirPods Max Support

Almost a week ago, Apple introduced a brand new over-ear headphones. And this version update includes the required support for Apple devices.

This new headset includes brand new technical features so iOS 14.3 update enables users to get the most out of their AirPods Max

Launching Shortcuts Improved

One of the issues with using custom shortcuts was the fact that, short cuts would delay opening of every app, and redirect the user.

With this iOS release, Apple is finally improving this situation, and the shortcuts will directly open the app without the delay.

Apple was initially refused to fix this due to security concerns, that user could fake different apps with different icons, to trick each other.

Apple TV Originals Tab

Apple TV App is Apple's new streaming platform that has been launched recently. This update adds a brand new tab called Originals

Originals tab on Apple TV includes all the original video content and makes it easier for subscribers to get notified when there is new content available.

Default Search Engine

Since iPhone came out in 2007, all versions of Safari web browser had the Google Search Engine by default.

However with the backlash that tech companies facing from regulators, they are pushed to giving more options to users.

In this new release, Safari has an option to change the default search engine to different sites.

Apple iOS 14.3 Beta 2

On November 18th, Apple released the second Beta version of iOS 14.3 for developers.

With the second beta release iOS 14.3 getting closer to being released to the public, as more developers are testing the new iOS version currently.

Apple iOS 14.3 Beta 3 & Public Beta

Two weeks after the iOS 14.3 Beta 2 release, on December 2nd, Apple released the newer Beta 3 version of iOS 14.3.

This release contains mostly invisible improvements that are geared towards making iOS 14.3 ready for the main release.

Apple iOS 14.3 Release Candidate

On December 8th, Apple released iOS 14.3 RC (Release Candidate) version of their upcoming version. And three father this release iOS 14.3 RC 2 is released that is available for public to download.

Release Candidate marks the version that is very close to the one that is going to be released, and labeled as RC.

Similar to iOS 14.3 Beta 3, iOS 14.3 RC is available to both developers and public, however users need to change settings to receive the pre-release version.

How To Install iOS 14.3 Public Beta & Release Candidate

Unlike the previous beta releases, iOS 14.3 is also available for public to download and use.

This tells us that Apple is really close to release the iOS 14.3 and Release Candidate is possibly the last pre-release version of iOS 14.3

It requires additional steps, however with the Public Beta release, anyone can install this version following the steps provided by Apple

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