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Apple AirPods Max (Review)

Reviewed by Oguz

Last updated at Dec 8, 2020

On December of 2020, Apple introduced It's brand new over-ear high quality headphones called Apple AirPods Max.

In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about these brand new headphones.

How Much Is Apple AirPods Max?

Nothing that apple designs and manufactures come with a small price tag, and these brand new headphones are great example to this.

Unlike many other products, headphones and speakers usually have a very wide price range, as sound is something that can get very technical.

With the new AirPods Max, Apple decided to position their product on the higher end of the spectrum, and the new AirPods Max costs $549 in the U.S.

What Are The Features (Specs) Of Apple AirPods Max?

Like every other Apple product, AirPods Max also comes with unique technologies and features that aim to change the headphone industry all together.

Apple brings all these new technologies using their new custom made chips in every product. Similar to Apple A chip on iPhone and Apple M chip on Macs, AirPods Max comes with their brand new Apple H1 Headphone Chip

In addition to the brand new chip, Apple AirPods Max comes with not just one but total of nine built-in microphones.

Having this many microphones is definitely something we don't see on headphones, however 8 of these microphones are used for active noise cancellation, and 3 microphones are used for picking up noise during calls.

Apple loves using sensors to make the user experience better and in this case there are 5 different sensors built-in, and these are:

  • Optical Sensor
  • Position Sensor
  • Case-detect Sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope

All of these sensors and microphones are used for bringing Apple's following technologies to AirPods Max:

Anodized aluminum cups that hold 40mm dynamic drivers
  • 40mm Apple-designed dynamic driver
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Transparency mode
  • Adaptive EQ
  • Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking

What Is The Battery Life of Apple AirPods Max?

Apple AirPods Max is a wireless headphones that use Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and It has built-in batter to support this.

One of the concerns about wireless headphones, especially over-ear headphones, has been their batter life performance, since bigger drivers consumes a lot more energy to in-ear headphones.

Apple claims that with a full battery out of the box, Apple AirPods Max provides 20 hours of listening experience with noise canceling and spatial audio features enabled.

In addition to the longer than expected batter life, fast charging capability provides 1.5 hours of batter life just under 5 minutes of charging.

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